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Here are the videos that will help you Increase your scores and get into the College of Your Choice. View Them in this order for best results: Introduction College Information and Tests Turkey Technique Turkey Summary Math one Math two Sentence Completion Reading Comprehension Grammar and Sentence Correction Coaching Comments
View this video first as it will help you understand the course/videos and help you develop an expectation for your results. Download INTRODUCTION.flv
College Info and Tests
What you don't know can hurt you when it comes to college entry and the tests we take to get there. learn to know and know that by learning this information you will already be ahead of many other students. Download College Information and Tests.flv
Turkey Technique For Essay Writing
Yep, that's right the Turkey Technique - You will love this strategy and it will revolutionize the way you write forever (in school, for tests, and especially on the ACT and SAT. Enjoy it! Download The Turkey Technique for Essays.flv
Turkey Summary
Now I know You are not used to my style of teaching so I have summarized a few of the videos to help you become familiar with how I teach. Enjoy the summary Download TURKEY SUMMARY.flv
Math 1
Learn the quickest insider secret to doing well on the math parts of the ACT and SAT. Download Math 1.flv
Math 2
A more in-depth look at how to stay positive and assertive when it comes to the math parts of the exam. This is especially important if you have any anxieties about math. Download MATH 2.flv
Sentence Completion
Another video chocked full of strategies to boost your score. Basically have your way with vocabulary that often is buried deep in the recesses of your mind...Use these strategies and really raise your score...(practice, practice, practice) Download Sentence Completion.flv
Gramar and Sentense Corection
So, first of all we hoe you caught the errors in the title. This video is probably the easiest of the courses to have work for you but the toughest to maintain unless you really practice it. When you get it your score will soar... Download Gramar and Sentense Corection.MP4
Reading Comprehension
Never zonk out and drift while reading ACT and SAT passages again. This video will give you the strategy to clearly answer the question asked without losing time. You've read like this and probably and or read this kind of materials before. So, Lets get after it and raise our score. Download Reading Comprehension.flv
Coaching Comments
I offer an hour of free coaching with these videos. If you need more we will work out arrangements to get you whatever you need Download COACHING COMMENTS.flv
Chapter 8
Chapter 8 (from 2 1/2 Magic Thoughts) Download CHAPTER 8.doc
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Daily Motivation
Overcoming Challenges