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Performance Cycle

All of us go through the same performance cycles although we learn in

incredibly different ways. When you know more about the performance cycle

you will obtain your goals at a much more rapid pace and with a higher quality of yeild. You can increase

your ability to get results. With performance coaching your goals are achieved

with much less effort.



Download Conscious competence.pdf
Rapid Weight Reduction Refresher (2)
What happens when we learn something new? It either gets adapted in to our thinking or we disregard it as useless. What happens when the information is pleasant, teaching, exciting, and offers you the most incredible opportunity to change your life your world and your future? - Well, we typically accept it, absorb it and normally adapt it into our behavior. When it comes to weight reduction we suggest you listen to this audio recording as often as possible until you have become the change you desire. Our promise is your results. Download RAPID CLOSED EYE PROCESS-Reduction FINAL w Music.mp3
Deep Relaxation For Weight Reduction
How many times have you tried to "lose weight?" How many techniques, diets, exercise videos, weight plans, food plans, and maybe even surgery(ies), have you thought about, tried and have not gotten results for all your efforts. NOW it's time to change that for good. Our Maximize Your Life series includes our weight reduction strategies which ensures you get the results you are after and have desired for so long. Read the book, do the exercises and listen to this audio once a week and you will have already begun to rapidly move in the directions of your dreams. Download WEIGHT REDUCTION FINAL (1).mp3
Quick Trance
Only have a few minutes? - then use this program to inform your subconscious of how you expect it to behave and the results you want to obtain. Download Quick Trance Draft.mp3
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Daily Motivation
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